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As our founder Saint Cajetan would say, “Christ awaits, and nobody moves.” Truly Christ is waiting for you, and we invite you to take action and give a valiant YES to God. Join us in discovering the beauty of serving Christ as a Theatine. We seek a communal way of life, where the priesthood is a wonderful gift that comes only after joining the order in becoming a religious brother.

We attempt to share and expand our love for Christ amongst our religious brothers and the people of God as well. As Theatines here in America, and following the example of Saint Cajetan, we seek to serve those in most need. Saint Cajetan who turned down his life of luxuries and commodities to serve those in most need would say, “In the oratory we give to God the homage of adoration, in the hospital we encounter him personally.” Following our founders ideal and adapting it to an American context, we primarily serve Hispanics and lesser-attained parishes that are in most need.  

Young man, Saint Cajetan invites you to not seek anything for yourself, the things of this world are but mere illusions that will soon pass give yourself completely to God, and see in your fellow brethren’s face the image of Christ in need. Remember that in this world we are but mere pilgrims, our home is in the heavens.

If you feel the life of our founder is calling you, or you believe you might have the calling to any consecrated life, fill out the form on the left and we will be in touch with you soon!

"Christ awaits, and nobody moves..."

(St. Cajetan)

We are interested in YOU!


Fr. Antonio Flores, Fr. Tomas Carvajal & Fr. Damian de la Cruz.

​​Fr. Pat Valdez, C.R. 

Vocation Promoter